TSPInvestor Basic and Plus Monthly Historical Returns

In looking at the performance of the TSPInvestor Basic and Plus allocations, a month-to-month comparison of these alongside the returns of the individual Thrift Savings Plan G, F, C, S and I funds is useful.  The chart of these is included below.

This information presumes that the Allocations for Basic and Plus were implemented at the start of the month and what the returns were at the end of the month for all the funds.

The formulas for Basic and Plus were derived using the historical data from January 2003 through September 2015.  And the data here is using that same data to “relive” history.

There is confidence this will work for future investing – however the detractors would say that the past is no indication of future performance in the stock and investing world.  We will see.

TSPInvestor Performance 1 TSPInvestor Performance 2 TSPInvestor Performance 3 TSPInvestor Performance 4 TSPInvestor Performance 5 TSPInvestor Performance 6

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