proof is in the pudding

I developed the model/formulas for the Basic and Plus in late September and October 2015 – and I want proof that they work in future investing.  So I have set forth with that goal. Part of my motivation for creating this website is to share the monthly allocations from the Basic and Plus, gathering data showing their performance, and proving their worth.

This will be a time-tested process. And it may take a year to show proof that it works as expected.

However, I have decided that my own personal TSP investing strategy will be with the Plus – and I’m doing it immediately. In scouring over the data of simulating returns in the last decade or so, I believe the Plus will provide excellent protection from big downturns in the market, while taking advantage of the gains.  And so I’ve already moved my money.

What will you do?  Try looking the historical data, and annual return comparison. It might be right for you too.  Let me know what you think. I’m all ears.

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