TSPinvestor Basic November 2015 allocations

The TSPInvestor Basic Thrift Savings Plan allocations for November 2015 are:

G Fund – 67%

F Fund – 30%

C Fund – 3%

S Fund – 0%

I Fund – 0%

Last month’s TSP returns were:

G 0.2%; F 0.0%; C 8.4%; S 5.6%; I 7.1%

This was the highest monthly return for the stocks in quite some time. The C had 7.4% and I had 3.5% in Sep 2013; the S had 7.0% in Oct 2011.

So the TSP Basic has no confidence the market will continue to gain in November 2015 and has most of the investment in G and F funds.

The TSPInvestor Basic has shown a nominal 12% annual return on its monthly allocations, that are based upon historical fund data only.

To implement this allocation, login to your account and change the fund allocations (via interfund transfer) and your new contributions to the recommended percentage.  These usually take effect the next business day. These allocations are meant to be done on the last business day prior to the 2nd of the month.

NOTE:  This was originally published on the 31st of October as a page .. I have copied it to here so it will appear as a blog post.Nov 2015 Allocations

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