TSPinvestor Plus November 2015 allocations

The TSPinvestor Plus is a nominal 19% annual return. It is allocated the last business day before the 10th of the month.

The recommended Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) allocations for November 2015 are:

G Fund – 10%

F Fund – 24%

C Fund – 12%

S Fund – 54%

I Fund – 0%

This is the first allocation recommendation ever done for the Plus.  I do have historical data and allocations that show the Plus has great potential.  But until it is shown here, recommending an allocation and then realizing the returns, it remains unproven.

Had a recommendation been done last month, it would’ve been 5% G, 13% F, 27% C, 55% S and 0% I. The returns since the 9th of last month were G 0.2%; F (0.7); C 4.4%; S 2.5%; I (0.2) with negatives in parenthesis.  This would’ve resulted in the TSPinvestor Plus return of 2.5%.Nov 2015 Allocations

2 thoughts on “TSPinvestor Plus November 2015 allocations

  1. Found your site, and I just wanted to thank you for the info. I’m a current fed with about 7 years to go.Hope the systems do well!


    • Thanks Jon. I hope so too. I have no doubt though that you’ll do better than I did over the years by actively managing your account more frequently.


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