Beer & Wings

I have a bet — beer & wings — riding upon the performance of my TSPinvestor Plus performance vs. my friend’s previous TSP investment strategy. A friendly wager on whose strategy works best.

On the 9th of every month it’s time to owe up to who buys — and for the past couple months it’s been me.  His previous strategy was 15% G, 50% C, 25% S and 10% I.  Now he’s invested in the TSPinvestor Plus (as am I) and I’ve been paying. This month I believe will be his treat.  But the numbers will tell for sure tonight/tomorrow.  With the S Fund up significantly since Feb 8, and the Plus recommendation for 50% S, I’m hoping anyway. For Feb 2016 he won by -4.1% to -5.3%; Jan 2016 he won -6.0% to -7.0%; for Dec 2015 it was a tie – both gaining 1.7%.

But whoever pays, can’t go wrong with beer & wings at happy hour.

In looking at a new investment strategy such as TSPinvestor’s allocations, or any other one, it’s best to compare to other strategies, including the one you’ve been using, to see which performs best.

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