TSPinvestor Plus and Apex Allocations for June 2018

The TSPinvestor Plus and Apex allocations for June 2018 are:

Plus: 35% G Fund, 39% F Fund, 8% C Fund, 0% S Fund, 18% I Fund

Apex: Same as Plus.

These should be allocated prior to June 11, 2018 at noon EST.

To implement this allocation, login to your account and change the fund allocations (via interfund transfer) and your new contributions to the recommended percentage.  These take effect the same business day if done before noon Eastern Time, otherwise it will be the next day.

The TSPinvestor Apex is a nominal 23% annual return strategy, and the Plus is a nominal 19% annual return.

Last month’s Plus and Apex performance was gains of 1.5% and 0.8%, respectively.

Here is a comparison of the various allocations and funds performance for May 2018:

  1. S Fund = 5.2%
  2. 50% C & S = 4.7%
  3. C Fund = 4.3%
  4. 1/3 each in C, S & I = 2.9%
  5. 20% in each fund = 1.9%
  6. TSPinvestor Plus = 1.5%
  7. TSPinvestor Apex = 0.8%
  8. F Fund = 0.3%
  9. G Fund = 0.2%
  10. I Fund = (0.6)%

() – denotes negative return (or a loss)

NOTE: These are like comparisons based upon allocations on the 9th of the month.

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